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Our company has extensive experience in the design foundry equipments design.

Our professionalism and years of experience are at your disposal to satisfy your every need.
Our field is mainly the automotive in particular with regard to projects such as cylinder heads,blocks and structural.

PFM_design designs and builds, working with qualified companies in the industry various types of equipment in the foundry for aluminum and cast iron.

Product engineering and codesign

Product engineering and codesign - PFM_Design srls

In collaboration with our customer , we can offer all the solutions addressed to the best casting procedure already in the early stages of the project, allowing a reduction in the time of finalization.

Tooling engineering

Tooling engineering - PFM_Design srls

Identified a strategy for appropriate casting (sand casting, mold gravity casting or other) we design the equipment needed to carry out the product using cad cam high level  software.